Max Primary School

Project Goal:

The main goal of the project is to create opportunity for the children of the poor and helpless people of the community where Aungkur is working; to get the light of education and thereby build up a skilled & literate society that can fight against all sort of oppression, injustice, superstition and exploitation. This project will also pave the way by contribute to the achievement of the national slogan “Education for All”.


Project Objectives:

  1. Ensure primary education for the children of hardcore poor people of the community especially for the children who are dropped out from the formal education system.
  2. Increase the literacy rate in the selected working area of Aungkur in accordance with the national education policy.
  3. Ensure the economical & social development of the neglected and oppressed children of the community through imparting knowledge, attitude, practice and experience (KAPE).
  4. Build up a literate & skilled human resources to contribute to the overall national development.
  5. Raise awareness about the civil and human rights among the poor people through education.