Josna’s Glossary Shop

 The husband name of Josna Begums of Badda village is  Eakub Ali, a day labor,  Her husband could not afford enough money for meeting household expenses and could took food every day with her children.

 In 2006 she become a member of Parbati Mohila Samity of Budda Village and regular attends in weekly meeting and deposit savings Tk 100.00. At the end of three months, Josna Begums started a business of grocery shops in her village takings loan from Aungkur. She successfully operated shop and repaid the first loan and took second, third, fourth and fifth loans– Tk 50000.00; 10,000.00, 150000.00, 20,000.00; 30,000.00 and 50,000.00 respectively without any problems. Her husband also involved in her business.