An ideal homestead garden of Feroja Begum

Feroja Begum is the wife of Abul kalam of Daradia village, union Badarpasa of Rajoir upazila under Madaripur district of Bangladesh. She had two sons and a daughter.

 She is fully dependent on agriculture having only 30 decimal of homestead area. Her husband provided labor to neighboring agriculture land and also cultivates agriculture crops in leased lands. Her dream is to educate their children, but she could not continue their children’s due to poor financial ability.     

With great enthusiasm and to fulfill their dream, they agreed to join in Aungkur’s Village Development Committee (VDC) in 2004 and participate in various development educational activities and learn how to break poverty cycle. Feroja Begum took agricultural loan Tk 15000.00 for taking a 40 decimal land as yearly contractual basis for cultivating crops. She and her husband involved themselves for commercial vegetables production. They also took necessary advice from Aungkur’s Agricultural expert.  Through their successful efforts, they repaid the full loans and increase their family income. They took second loan, third loans, forth loan and so on. Currently they took Tk 48000.00 loan for cultivation of various types of agricultural crops with increasing their technical capacity and life skills. With the help of Aungkur, they have also opened a bank account and deposit savings as to build a credit fund for the future need and become self-reliance. They are also deposited savings Tk 6674.00 in Aungkur’s Group fund.

 She has mainland the educational expenses of her children. Within this period her elder son passed Secondary and Higher School Certificate Education obtaining A+ grade. Now he is a student of Dhaka University.  Her second son also contused his education in local school in class nine. Meanwhile she has rebuilt a new house for living it sanitary latrine and installed a deep tube-well in her house.

She said that living together with other community people opened a new horizon to lean herself