The Goal of Aungkur is to explore human potentialities, capacities, knowledge of the poor, ultra poor and disadvantaged communities for mobilizing & managing resource for improving their quality of life and support the process of poverty alleviation, community health improvement and the creation of socio economic equity through promotion of sustainable community based people institutions.

1. To help the rural poor in building up organization structure necessary for undertaking united and collective efforts to eradicate poverty and economic
    backwardness, social injustices & gender discrimination.
2. To help the poverty stricken people so that they can realize and analyze their situation, can identify their problems & the causes there of and can take
    appropriate action collectively to solve these problems.
3. To help the poor and weaker section of the society so that they can have a place in the power structure of the society as a self-reliant and balance
    maintaining collective forces.
4. To help the target people so that they can plan, mange, and evaluate their organization pattern.
5. To support & impart methodological training to target groups in order to enable them to carryout efficiently & effectively the plans and programs of the
6. To educate people in understanding the importance of safe water & sanitation, clean environment,  healthy & hygienic living condition & to discover & learn
    the safe water supply technologies & hygienic sanitation facilities.  
7. Address climatic issues in terms of climatic change and global warming.